NIMS Training

February 29th, 2012

What will you do if your school faces an emergency? Are you staff members well trained to deal with crisis? These are the questions each head teacher needs to ask themselves, before a situation arises. Asking this during a time of crisis will not help anyone. There are more children in schools, than adults, this is why teachers need to step in and guide them. Most of the time, children will be scared, and probably curl up in a corner hoping the situation will just go away. If the situation you are facing is a fire or bomb, you could have a big problem.
NIMS Incident Command System Field Guide

This is why Homeland Department stepped in to make it mandatory for schools to carry out National Incident Management System, NIMS Training. When teachers are well prepared, incidences like the one above will not claim many people. NIMS does not only train on one kind of crisis, it is an all round disaster management program. You can never tell what will strike tomorrow, just read the morning paper and you would be surprised.

There is a basic NIMS course that one needs to start with. The first course covers the responsibilities and roles of administrators during emergency management. This course came about with the help of school educators and public safety officials. Their main aim was to design an emergency response system specifically for a school setting. Both school and teachers need to undergo the NIMS Training for the system to be effective.

When you want your staff members to go through NIMS Training you will receive a package containing training materials. These will include a thirty minute DVD and a license to use on your site. You can allocate one room in the school where teachers can be going for this training. You will also get a manual with a step by step guide to the site administrator; this will include email and telephone support, if you have any problems.

You will also get PowerPoint handouts that you can use for any demonstration purposes to your attendees. You do not have to prepare anything as the NIMS Training package comes with the PowerPoint ready. Your personnel will need to communicate formally during crisis, using NIMS terminology; you will also receive a package with these words. You need to recruit as many members of staff as you can, if your school is big you need to have enough hands.

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