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Want to Help Humanity? Become a Part of NIMS

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Despite our extreme careful nature; accidents tend to happen every now and then. The severity of any incident depends on the conditions and the environment in which the accident has taken place. Obviously a paper cut won’t be that severe as compared to a person falling from a staircase or maybe someone who has encountered a road accident. In such severe and critical conditions we need to have some experts around to ensure that the injury does not become severe during the transportation. Such individuals are trained by NIMS 100. Many of you must have heard about it for the very first time.

NIMS 100 is the acronym for National Incident Management System. The staffs here are responsible for training individuals to help people who have become the target of some accident. NIMS 100 is composed of a number of training courses. After the completion of a course the person being trained has to take an exam.

Those who manage to pass the exam are awarded with a certificate which is a symbol that they have successfully passed the NIMS 100 training and now they are able to help mankind in a trained and professional way.

The people who have received training from NIMS 100 are not only responsible for helping those who have been affected but they are also supposed to give a detailed report about the incident. The report includes the possible causes of the incident, the hurdles and complications that they had to face and how they managed to overcome all those problems. Such reports are extremely important for future use. All these things are performed in a very defined and organized way. Every NIMS 100 team works as a proper group. They have a commander and a staff. The staffs are supposed to report the commander and the commander is supposed to ensure that the staff works as a team and every little move is well planned and organized.

Earlier this organization used to work on a lower level but after the 9/11 incident they have become more organized. The people under this program are given the best training possible. They are trained to withstand all kinds of conditions possible. They are given training about how they have to plan and organize all their working and all this has to be done really fast because they cannot be given hours to plan their action. They have to be quick and organized.

NIMS Training For Public Health Departments

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Disasters strike almost on a daily basis, worldwide. The thing with disasters is that no one ever expects them to strike. The damage from disasters alone can be dumbfounding, not even talking about the lives lost. The only way you can be prepared for a disaster, even when you do not know when it will strike, is by undergoing disaster management training. In schools, the form of training school administrators and teachers can take is the National Incident Management System or NIMS Training.
NIMS Incident Command System Field Guide

This is a program that was set up with the help of Department of Homeland, school administrators and public safety officials. It is a way of preparing the school to deal with emergency situations, and therefore save lives. Should you choose NIMS Training for your school, your personnel will know what to do without waiting for the head teacher to delegate responsibilities. You can carry out drills every so often to judge their level of preparedness. The advantage of this training is that it gives each administrator and teacher, their post beforehand. When you carry out the drill, you should check if everyone is at their designated post.

During the drill, you should only communicate to the participants in NIMS Training terminology, and never informally. Should you feel that your team is still weak in some areas, you can call in the trainers, either from government or private sector. They can carry out refresher courses for your staff. You can also have your staff take the next level of training if all they had initially was the basic training.

There are many benefits your school will receive if your personnel undergo NIMS Training, first of all this is a presidential directive. When your school has been trained, you are fulfilling your obligations. You will also find that if your state suffers an emergency, the government will reimburse you for any losses your school suffered. If your school has not carried out the training in states that it is available, you will not receive funds.

This can be a huge loss to you, and rebuilding the school may cost a lot especially if you have nowhere to start from. Schools are not separate from the rest of public when emergencies strike. NIMS uses formal communication that other emergency response personnel use. This will enable your personnel to communicate effectively with those outside the school to determine where they should go.

NIMS 100 answers

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NIMS 100 is where you should start from when you want your personnel to be National Incident System Management compliant. This course came up with great collaboration from the National Wildfire Coordinating Group, the United States Department of Agriculture, the United States Fire Administration and the Emergency Management Institute. These institutions came together to come up with a school based emergency response system. This was a way of ensuring that school administration and teachers can work hand in hand with other rescue personnel, without miscommunication.
NIMS Incident Command System Field Guide

As a school, you first need to determine which members of staff need to go through the course. There are three categories you should consider for NIMS 100, first being your general personnel. This is anyone including faculty heads, counselors, bus drivers, school resource providers and teachers. These are personnel who should have a major role in being prepared during emergencies. Since these are the people who will be in charge at most times, they should know what to do.

The next category of staff that should undertake NIMS 100 is leadership personnel. As the name suggests, this is anyone who is in a position of authority. Should an emergency situation arise, these are the individuals who are required to step up and take charge of the situation. They should be able to direct everyone else on what the next step of action should be. With NIMS training, anyone can be placed at that position of authority, as long as they can display leadership roles. Traditional methods of emergency response only delegated such responsibilities to school heads.

The last category of staff that needs to be trained is the critical personnel. These are members of staff that will be delegated critical response duties during an emergency. This may include general staff, command staff or any other member of emergency team. The training that staff will undergo in NIMS 100 will place them in different sections. Depending on skills, everyone will be placed somewhere including logistics, operations, planning, and even finance and administration of the Incident Command System or ICS. These are the critical personnel, and they should respond accordingly.

As you can see, this is an all round system that takes care of everything in case the school system does not work normally. There are many benefits schools have received from training their personnel on disaster preparedness. You will soon find out why it is a requirement from the Department of Homeland for your school to carry it out.