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Want to Help Humanity? Become a Part of NIMS

April 5th, 2012 Comments off

Despite our extreme careful nature; accidents tend to happen every now and then. The severity of any incident depends on the conditions and the environment in which the accident has taken place. Obviously a paper cut won’t be that severe as compared to a person falling from a staircase or maybe someone who has encountered a road accident. In such severe and critical conditions we need to have some experts around to ensure that the injury does not become severe during the transportation. Such individuals are trained by NIMS 100. Many of you must have heard about it for the very first time.

NIMS 100 is the acronym for National Incident Management System. The staffs here are responsible for training individuals to help people who have become the target of some accident. NIMS 100 is composed of a number of training courses. After the completion of a course the person being trained has to take an exam.

Those who manage to pass the exam are awarded with a certificate which is a symbol that they have successfully passed the NIMS 100 training and now they are able to help mankind in a trained and professional way.

The people who have received training from NIMS 100 are not only responsible for helping those who have been affected but they are also supposed to give a detailed report about the incident. The report includes the possible causes of the incident, the hurdles and complications that they had to face and how they managed to overcome all those problems. Such reports are extremely important for future use. All these things are performed in a very defined and organized way. Every NIMS 100 team works as a proper group. They have a commander and a staff. The staffs are supposed to report the commander and the commander is supposed to ensure that the staff works as a team and every little move is well planned and organized.

Earlier this organization used to work on a lower level but after the 9/11 incident they have become more organized. The people under this program are given the best training possible. They are trained to withstand all kinds of conditions possible. They are given training about how they have to plan and organize all their working and all this has to be done really fast because they cannot be given hours to plan their action. They have to be quick and organized.