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NIMS 200

March 3rd, 2012

Hazards are everywhere now days; you cannot switch on your television for one minute before you hear about a reported incident. Most public areas have taken precautions against such incidences, but sometimes it is not enough. Schools are also at risk from such happenings and this is why the Department of Homeland has made it mandatory for school personnel to undergo the NIMS 200. This is the National Incident Management System (NIMS) training, to better enable schools to handle emergency situations.

The members of staff who undergo this kind of training can deal with any emergency, as they already have pre-designated duties. In case of an emergency, they just take up their posts based on the training they received. One needs to move quickly when there is danger, to avoid risking the lives of many people. NIMS 200, adequately prepares your personnel to move fast, even under confusion and panic.

Some of the areas of coverage under NIMS 200 include leadership and management. This basically gives an outline of the chain of command should a situation arise. When your personnel know this beforehand, it reduces the amount of time spent on delegating responsibilities during a crisis. This area also covers the type of communication that can be used during crisis. It is encouraged that those in charge need to maintain formal communication, so as not to lose sight of the mission at hand.

This kind of training can be carried out at your school, in the classes. You can even have the staff members you want to assign these responsibilities take the course online. However, since this is going to be a team effort kind of assignment, it is better when the whole team takes it together. You can try to apply what you learn by acting it out. This will better prepare everyone so they can almost relate it to a real situation.

You should know that NIMS 200 will be carried out at your school by approved federal, private and local training companies. These are individuals who have undergone the tests, and know what is to be expected of recruits. After going through the course, your personnel will have to sit for a test. To maintain emergency response standards, the individuals who will be assisting in times of crisis only need to be up to the required standard. There are many benefits your school will receive when you can handle crisis better.

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