NIMS 100

February 28th, 2012

If you have heard about NIMS 100 then you know that it is a course that you need to undertake as a school. This is the best way for your school to be prepared whenever a state of emergency is declared. You cannot look at your school as separate from the rest of the society when an incident strikes. Should something big like an earthquake hit, it will not only hit outside of your school it might also affect the school. This is why your staff members need to know what they should do when something like this happens.

You can look at NIMS 100 as a foundation course towards other National Incident Management Systems. It can be referred to as ICS 100 or Introduction to the Incident Command System. It offers course participants a history of the training, and it also describes the features and principles required of the trainees. For administrators and teachers to respond effectively, there should be a chain of command that is followed and respected. Recruits are taken through this rank to establish how it should be followed.

There is a direct relationship between the ICS and NIMS, someone who has never undergone NIMS 100 will not know what it is before they complete the course. You will not have to set aside a lot of time for your personnel to go through the course. In fact, all they will have to dedicate is three hours, for both the course and final exam. This is a very small sacrifice considering what your staff members will be able to do in the long run.

Schools that are NIMS compliant can get state funding whenever a disaster strikes. This can be of great help, when the need to rebuild comes afterwards. Putting up schools is quite an expensive venture, but if you can get some help, you could be back on your feet. You will not have to invest a lot to train your staff members. You will have to pay for a one time DVD, site license, training materials and handouts. Once you obtain these materials for NIMS 100, you can use them for as long as you want.

Should your teachers get transferred to other schools, you can use them to train the replacement staff. You can look at this as a long term investment that will save you a lot in terms of destruction and rebuilding efforts.

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