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NIMS Training For Public Health Departments

March 2nd, 2012 Comments off

Disasters strike almost on a daily basis, worldwide. The thing with disasters is that no one ever expects them to strike. The damage from disasters alone can be dumbfounding, not even talking about the lives lost. The only way you can be prepared for a disaster, even when you do not know when it will strike, is by undergoing disaster management training. In schools, the form of training school administrators and teachers can take is the National Incident Management System or NIMS Training.
NIMS Incident Command System Field Guide

This is a program that was set up with the help of Department of Homeland, school administrators and public safety officials. It is a way of preparing the school to deal with emergency situations, and therefore save lives. Should you choose NIMS Training for your school, your personnel will know what to do without waiting for the head teacher to delegate responsibilities. You can carry out drills every so often to judge their level of preparedness. The advantage of this training is that it gives each administrator and teacher, their post beforehand. When you carry out the drill, you should check if everyone is at their designated post.

During the drill, you should only communicate to the participants in NIMS Training terminology, and never informally. Should you feel that your team is still weak in some areas, you can call in the trainers, either from government or private sector. They can carry out refresher courses for your staff. You can also have your staff take the next level of training if all they had initially was the basic training.

There are many benefits your school will receive if your personnel undergo NIMS Training, first of all this is a presidential directive. When your school has been trained, you are fulfilling your obligations. You will also find that if your state suffers an emergency, the government will reimburse you for any losses your school suffered. If your school has not carried out the training in states that it is available, you will not receive funds.

This can be a huge loss to you, and rebuilding the school may cost a lot especially if you have nowhere to start from. Schools are not separate from the rest of public when emergencies strike. NIMS uses formal communication that other emergency response personnel use. This will enable your personnel to communicate effectively with those outside the school to determine where they should go.

Benefits of Going For NIMS 700 Course

March 9th, 2011 Comments off

NIMS 700 is the course that focuses on National Incident management System. People who study this course become compatible to work with others or a group and manage many domestic incidents. This program is at a national level which inhibits smooth operations during any event or disaster. Various agencies are required to work in co- ordination with each other at many times. But at this time they find many problems communicating and understanding each other.  As a result, the end result of entire event is clumsy and inept. Thus NIMS 700 is there to resolve such problems which may occur on any working day. The incidents may be emergency or innocuous. There may be OPSAIL event or Queen Mary II visit in the country, the agencies and non- governmental organizations have to co- operate with each other in order to achieve the desired goal.
NIMS Incident Command System Field Guide

Not only does the coordination with the agencies but also within the agency is essential. NIMS course is a plan that integrates all the key skills that are necessary to face national incidents and combine all the potential non- governmental organizations to work together effectively with good results.

NIMS 700 is a course is really beneficial for those who learn it. Strategic planning is the basic skill that one gets to learn from it. This skill is primarily important that makes the learner capable of taking the right decisions and completing it on time and that too successfully. People learn to adapt proper strategies to plan any task for different purpose keeping in mind all the pros and cons. The screens for planning activity are really helpful and help in completing the activities within the course timing. It does not let the activity hanging incomplete after the course is over. Screens are also available in printed forms which ensures that they can be referred to in future even

It takes a short three hours to complete this short term course. As the course finishes, one adapts the right skill and abilities to complete any task. By taking up the NIMS 700 course one learns to be prepared in all situations and take quick decisions. Making prior preparations at times is also taught here. Leadership quality demands taking the charge of the event and guide others to complete the given task on time. Dealing with a variety of people and organization becomes simpler after the completion of the course. NIMS 700 ensure that one is ever ready to face any situation and solve it during the case of national events.