NIMS 700

March 11th, 2011

NIMS 700 course enables a person or a group to work in accordance with other groups at times of any national crisis or event. There are many national events or emergencies in which various groups like non- governmental organizations, private and government sectors needs to join hands with each other to get a positive result at the end.

NIMS 700 provide a brief overview of National Incident Management System (NIMS) and about its benefits. When the course ends, the students will be able to achieve many things. They will be able to explain the goal and intent of NIMS. There are many underlying concepts and goals of the course that will benefit the students. The key skills that are taught during the course make the student prepared for national incidents. Resource, information and command management are taught to the students along with planning, preparedness and communication.

However this course is only to provide the basics of the NIMS course and do not dwell deeply into other topics. The length of the entire course in only three hours but it depends on the individuals on how quickly they grasp the matter. This course is not crafted to substitute any other course like Incident Command System or any other related course. Individuals who are responsible for managing emergency or critical situation learn the right tactics to make their tasks simple. Tasks like mitigation, response, recovery and many more are taught within three engrossing hours.

During the course, the students have to be very attentive so as to not to miss any point. NIMS training is a wider approach to handling special incidents. The training program is encouraging many institutions and companies to learn to handle their resources on time which will make them save a lot of money. A good team work is what an organization needs at the time of emergency or any event. Thus, the members of the organization are taught the ways to manage difficult situations easily.

In some cases or organizations, the top and bets employees are provided with this training so that they can teach the same thing to their juniors and colleagues. This saves time and money both. The compliance system of the training program includes monitoring the employees that are undergoing the course.

NIMS 700 is an effective crisis managing course that makes the organization self dependent to face and solve any problem themselves without taking any external help.

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